New Name, Same Us

We started out as “Capenets”, a small IT service company in Gloucester.  Now celebrating our 8th year in business, we have grown into a premier Managed Service Provider of businesses in the North East, Florida, Nebraska, and wherever our clients business travels take them. Throughout it all, we have prided ourselves in being a reliable source of guidance and security, having your business’ best interest in mind when designing/managing your company’s technology.  As we enter into our 9th year, we are doing so with a new identity: Sostratus, LLC.

The name Sostratus is derived from the architect who designed one of the seven wonders of the world:  the Lighthouse of Alexandria.  The Lighthouse of Alexandria is considered a monument of technological excellence for its time and the archetype by which all lighthouses are modeled.  We at Sostratus, honour this legendary engineer and visionary, incorporating his great vision and attention to detail in everything we do.  We are committed to the same level in excellency and insight when conceptualizing, designing, implementing and managing the infrastructures of our clients.

Having Gloucester, MA as our homebase we find it fitting to use a lighthouse as a symbol of our services.  Our hope is to be visuallized as a beacon to guide companies to the best technologies possible.  Technology that is not only efficient but also cost effective – minimizing/eliminating costly downtimes.  This is how we envisioned ourselves 8 years ago and how we want you to see us today.