Web/Blog Design

The average consumer does online product research prior to contacting the store and making a purchase, a web presence is vital to your business. Without a website that is not only visually appealing but also found easily by search engines and marketed via social media, your business will be overlooked or worse yet – not seen at all. Our designers can provide simple but attractive or flashy and dynamic websites that attract the eye of your audience and our marketing team can ensure it is seen. The scope of the project depends on your business and budgetary needs, our skilled designers and knowledgeable marketers will take it from there. Through our IT Solutions, we provide you with set up, domain registration, email and web site hosting. Sostratus is your “one stop shop” in getting yourself online.

Online Marketing
Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Google, Bing, etc.  We have all used these internet tools and fun online distractions with personal intentions but are you utilizing the power of them to promote your business?  Why not?  There are so many inexpensive and manageable tools accessible to you from you own living room.  Sostratus has been helping our clients utilize the web for their own business needs for 6 years.  We know that these tools can appear to be “do-it-yourself” and they are… in some respects.  However, they also can be a time-consuming distraction that prevents you from completing the day-to-day tasks of running your business.  Let our online marketing experts take over these online initiatives for you or guide you to expand your utilization on your own.


Other Internet Solutions Include:
Domain registration
Website design & development
Website Hosting
Email services